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State Tax

  Here at True Tax Resolutions some of the tax services we offer is helping businesses and individuals file all necessary state tax forms and delinquent tax returns that are needed to help resolve many commonly experienced tax problems.

Some of the most common State tax forms and tax returns we file on behalf of our clients are Income tax returns, Sales and Use tax returns, Corporate tax returns, Partnership LLC/LLP tax returns, Payroll tax returns, Unemployment tax returns, Beverage tax returns, and Amusement tax returns.

 After we get you compliant as far as delinquent tax returns, we can get to work resolving the tax debt.

There are numerous ways to resolve a tax debt with the State. We can negotiate a payment plan on your behalf, and in some states, if you qualify, we can even negotiate a settlement or a hardship status depending on the type of tax.

Call 773-609-4TAX or email [email protected]

for a free no obligation consultation with a tax professional.